Eliade’s Maitreyi was later translated to French as La Nuit Bengali, and Catherine Spencer’s English translation of the novel is called Bengal Nights [2]. Maitreyi. one after the other, Mircea Eliade’s Maitreyi and Maitreyi’s It Does Not Die. Bengal Nights (Maitreyi in the Romanian original), and the answer is considered to. Maitreyi [Mircea Eliade] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Maitreyia va ramane cartea de capatai a indragostitilor de dragoste, poemul.

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How deep, complex and unintelligible they seemed to me.

A very long Engagement

The brilliance of the novel is that, despite the intense focus on love and pain, it teaches so much about India and Britain at the time in which it set s. To rid himself of the suffering, Allan retreats into a bungalow in the Himalaya mountains where he meets Jenia Issac. At once horrifying and deeply moving, Eliade’s story repeats the patterns of European engagement with India even as it exposes and condemns them.

Published March 28th by Humanitas first published January 1st Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This book really impressed me, and is definetely outstanding among the other literature that i should read for school. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Retrieved from ” https: I loved the way Eliade knew to reveal things in such way to make us feel the same way he felt. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Ever since he begun to love Maitreyi, Allan was trying to find her defects but eventually despite the differences in race, religion, origin they will be together. Oct 24, Andreea rated it did not like it. It’s probably the first book I hate with such a passion so you can’t say I’m someone who likes to criticize what others write. Maitreyi did not know what posterity would make of her, but she had a gut sense about the “unusual longevity” of the book, as she called mzitreyi in It Does Not Die. Nov 03, Adina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Maifreyi suppose Eliade succeeded in making the reader, or at least me, feel as close as possible to what he must have felt back then, if not towards Maitreyi, at least towards the book itself.


In what concerns the ending of the book, I have quite an unpopular opinion – as far as I know, a lot of people disliked that ending, but I found it really interesting and like it should have been. The second time coincided with my trip to India Apr 20, Nancy Freund rated it it was amazing. Fevronia comments that in general, women in Mircea’s fiction end up tragically.

It is not accidental that Alain both identifies with the colonial British figures e,iade well as critiques Anglo-Indians. Maitreyi by Mircea Eliade Maitteyi fascination of the Orient I found this story interesting on the second encounter. A story about a forbidden love, but with no feelings.

Additionally, the sexual relationship between Alain and Maitreya is quite explicitly stated, and this was Calcutta in the s, so I can only assume that it was a more conservative time than it is now. The book epiade an interesting look into the interracial relationships that can be further complicated by race, colonial attitudes, religion, and societal expectations.

As a matter of fact, she acts like an Indian version of Juliet, taking her feelings to the highest point. The book was written in the beginning of the 20th century and back in those days, this kind of love was not very accepted, but he acted like it is not a big deal and I actually feel like that is the way most people should see love – beyond race or gender.

Shortly after the young guest falls in love with the host’s daughter Maitreyitheir forbidden love gradually grows, resulting in Maitreyi and Allan ending up together. The novels also reveal how the power dynamics between the colonizers and the colonized, West and East, Occident and Orient translate into the power dynamics informing the relationship of the ruling and the working classes, racial majorities and the racial minorities in post-Independence India.

Maitreyi Devi

All i can say is WOW! For many years, Maitreyi Devi was majtreyi aware that the story had been published. Earlier there was only Mircea’s book. He fell in love with this mystique Indian teenager, who has never experienced love before, but who is really willing to give up on everything for Allan eventually.

Maitreyi by Mircea Eliade

The juxtaposition of the Romanian and Bengali names amused and surprised. I feel pitty for the human race, for all the stupidity that it bears with so eliadw pride maitreti arrogance, for the immense amount of pain and suffering we put one another through each day, for all the superstitions you – not me, not anymore – live your lives by with so much credulity and zeal, for all the little differences that keep us from seeing our much more obvious things we have in common.


I’m 24 and I’m Romanian.

She specified that playing the senior Maitreyi’s role was Maya Morgenstern, “one of Romania’s best actresses”. Yeah, yeah, great insight into ‘s India and all but you don’t really have to read a novel if you want to know those things. The family I have raised, the events of my long life, my husband and children – they will be wiped away in time. Not a denial as some have said, but a rejection of Mircea’s oversimplification of her part and her feelings in the whole story.

Don’t read this book.

He worries that Maitreyi is in love with and sexually attracted to the seventy-year old, Rabindranath Tagore, and is desired by her lower class cousin, Khoka. I didn’t get bored, but that still doesn’t qualify the story with much merit. View all 17 comments. La Nuit Bengali is a film based upon the French translation of the same name.

The difference lies in their separate tellings. The book reverses one’s thoughts, beliefs and understanding about indian culture. The fact that Mircea Euclid described her naked body without ever having seen her in the nude or making love to her offends Amrita.

It Does Not Die, replies to the protagonist’s question of ‘Do you know me? Bengal Nights was written by a European man in India Calcutta in the sso I knew I was going to be shaking my head a lot.

Maitreyi Devi – Wikipedia

Maitreyi by Mircea Eliade. Recomandata la orice va Am crezut ca o tin minte din adolescenta, cand am citit-o prima data, dar nu mai tineam minte mare lucru in afara de faptul ca m-a marcat. I completely hated it.